Halloween Writing Prompts!

Halloween is a fantastic motivator for getting kids to write!

That's why I have created a few things that you can use to get kids enthusiastic about writing this Halloween.

           Halloween Writing Prompts  

They can write spooky stories, recipes for witch's brews, safety hints for trick or treating, list ideas for Halloween parties or even facts and opinions about Halloween!

Sometimes all they need is a sentence starter to get their imaginations firing! 

Halloween Writing Quilt

If you would like to get kids writing and creating an interesting display of their writing, then you will love the Halloween Writing Quilt Squares.

Their are 7 quilt squares to choose from and can you use them all or use just one.

The children do the writing activity on the sheet then color the small quilt squares.

They then cut out the large square and these can be displayed with their classmates' squares to make a large Halloween Quilt display with their writing and their coloring.

The Halloween Writing Quilt Squares are available from my Teachers Pay Teachers store at

If you would like to create a Halloween Quilt with your class you can get the Halloween quilt squares at https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Halloween-Writing-2135822

31 Spooky Halloween Writing Prompts

I have listed 31 Halloween Writing Prompts below the image but you can also download a pdf of this image from this link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B22L3xCcFjIydURKWmVQaFVaV0U/view?usp=sharing

1. Write a recipe for a witch’s brew.

2. Create an advertisement to sell a haunted house.

3. Write a letter to a vampire convincing it to come to your Halloween party.

4. Plan a Halloween party. List who you will invite, food and games.

5. Create a game to play with a pumpkin.

6. Design a haunted house.

7. Give 5 facts and 5 opinions about bats.

8. Give 5 facts and 5 options about candy.

9. Describe the ultimate Halloween costume.

10. You are going to interview a witch. Write 10 questions you would ask.

11. Would you rather be friends with Frankenstein or Dracula? Why?

12. If a jack-o-lantern could speak what would it say?

13. Halloween has been cancelled this year. Give 5 reasons why this might happen.

14. What is the best Halloween you have ever had?

15. Describe a perfect Halloween. What would you do? Where would you go?

16. Which of these would you like to have visit you, a ghost, a mummy or a skeleton?

17. Write an acrostic poem for Halloween, monster, Frankenstein or haunted house. 

18. A zombie is on the lose and you have to stop it. What will you do? 

19. Do you prefer Halloween or Christmas? Give 7 reasons why? 

20. Which would be the best pet for a witch, a spider, a bat or a cat? Why?

21. If candy were banned on Halloween, what could be given instead. 

22. If I could fly …

23. If I were a ghost I …

24. I was putting on my Halloween costume when I heard a howling sound. 

25. Suddenly the jack-o-lantern started to speak and I …

26. It was a dark and stormy night when we suddenly …

27. I couldn’t believe my eyes but standing in front of me was …
28. I ran faster and faster but the … was still chasing me.

29. If I had a flying broomstick, I …..

30. We were walking through the cemetery when we heard …

31. The strange sound was coming from under the bed so I … 

I hope this give the kids something to write about!


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