Board Games Aren't Boring!

As a kid I loved board games and I have to admit, I still enjoy playing a game or two. I also love using games to teach math so somewhere along the way I combined these loves and started making math board games.
I discovered that the kids loved it and they became much faster at recalling math facts or calculating math.
It was also great to hear them begging to play particular games. I also found that they were great as a bribe - 'If you get this done quickly and do a job, you can play a game.' Well it does work!
I have made loads and loads of games and love dreaming up more. My main criteria for a game is that it is simple to prepare and simple to learn to play. You can try it for yourself with these!
Here are few of my freebies on TPT.

I also have collections for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.
You find them at my TPT store.

So why not give some board games a go!

I've Had a Makeover!

Yeah, I have had a makeover! Or at least my blog has!
Thank you to the wonderful Diana at Custom Blog Designs, I am now colorful, bright and fresh!
Strangely enough, just looking at my wonderful new look blog does make feel as though I have had a makeover.

Isn't it amazing how bright, fresh colors can make us feel bright and fresh! It seems to be the same for children too! Give them a game that's bright and colorful and you will have their interest as soon as they lay their eyes on it!

Oh well, off to create some bright, colorful games now to go with my new blog!

Here I Go!

My first post! So excited to be starting!

Are you game? I am! I am all about games in my classroom. I love seeing the enthusiasm, laughter and big bright eyes that students have when games are used as a learning tool! I have taught for over 20 years and in recent years have used games more and more in my classroom.

Games are fun but they offer much more than just that. They are also the perfect way to challenge and extend students.

So please join me in being a GAME teacher. I am really looking forward to sharing my favorite games with you.