Monster Math Games Makeover!

More of my math games have had a makeover! This time it is the Division Board Games and Multiplication Board Games and of course some freebies for both. Most of these games are No Prep games - just print and they are ready to play!

This time I have used some of the cutest monsters and monkeys! The kids will love these!



There are 2 free multiplication games in


There are 2 free division games in

More Monkeys Multiplying

My Multiplication Board Games with Monkey Friends has now been updated. Instead of 12 addition board games, it now contains 28 multiplication board games covering a variety or basic multiplication skills. If you have already ordered the old versions, the good news is that you can download these for free from your TpT Purchases page!
Here are a few of the games from Multiplication Board Games with Monkey Friends which is available from -



Monsters Divide!

Division Board Games with Monkey Friends has also been updated. Instead of 12 division board games, it now contains 27 division board games with the cutest monsters that I know the kids will love!  If you have already ordered the old versions, the good news is that you can download these for free from your TpT Purchases page!
You can learn more about these division games at -
Here are a few of the games included in this collection!


I have had a lot of fun making these games and I hope these monkeys and monsters help your little monkeys and monsters to improve their division and multiplication skills! ;)

Math Games Makeover!

Finally I have finished updating my Addition Board Games and Subtraction Board Games. I love a good makeover and you will too when you see these new games. I am really excited about these as I have been wanting to do this makeover for a long time!

Of course I also have a few Freebies that are freshly updated also! :)
You will find 2 Free Addition Board Games at
In this game, players move around the board answering the addition facts and covering the answer the on the sandcastle.

This game has players find combinations of 2 or 3 numbers that add that to 15. The last player who can cover a pair or a trio is the winner.

There are also 2 free subtraction board games at https//
I have kept the dinosaur theme for these are the cute dinosaurs were very popular!
In this game, players move around the board answering the subtraction facts and covering the answer in the center.

In this game players compete to be the first player to surround a dinosaur as they subtraction from 15 and cover the answer.

My Addition Board Games with Bees, Bugs and Friends has now been updated. Instead of 12 addition board games, it now contains 27 addition board games covering a variety or basic addition skills. If you have already ordered the old versions, the good news is that you can download these for free from your TpT Purchases page!
 These Addition Board Games are now available at
Here are a few of the 27 Addition Board Games in this collection. It is perfect for reviewing basic addition skills and best of the kids will have so much fun that they won't even realize that they are doing math!



I have also done a makeover on my  Subtraction Board Games with Sea Friends which now gives you 27 Subtraction Board Games to help kids develop mastery of their basic addition skills.
These Subtraction Games are now available at .
These Subtraction Board Games all have a sea theme! Kids will love the cute sea creatures and the challenging games that will make kids think as they review their subtraction skills!




5 Favorite Math Games

I love using math games in the classroom, especially those that are simple to use, quick to learn and effective. Below I have 5 of my favorites. These have also been favorites with many students over the years.
These math game ideas are also available in a convenient FREE download at Teachers Pay Teachers

Higher or Lower

This is a simple game that helps to develop number sense.
It is a ‘Guess my number game’.
First decide the upper and lower limit for the number, i.e. is it between 0 and 100 or 100 and 1000.
One person is IT. This might be the teacher or a student.
IT thinks of a number and writes it down without telling or showing the others.
The other players take turns guessing the number and listening to the clues given by IT.
These clues will only be ‘Higher’ or ‘Lower’.
IT says ‘Higher’ if their number is higher than the guessed number or ‘lower’ if their number is lower than the guessed number. The winner is the person who guesses the number.

Variation - Higher or Lower - Decimals
Played as above but with a decimal number instead.
Decide how many decimal places the number will have before starting, i.e. 1, 2 or 3 decimal places, e.g. Players could be told that the number is between 2 and 4 and has 2 decimal places. (2.56)

Math Hangman

This is a challenging mathematical version of the word game. If you don’t want to use a Hangman, use another simple drawing instead, e.g. a flowerpot or a race car with about 8 parts to the drawing.
This game is played like the word version but uses a numerical equation instead. Draw one dash for every digit and symbol in the equation. The equations can be chosen according to the ability level of the students.
e.g. _ _ _ _ _ _ (5+6=15) or _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (87-25=62)
or more complex equations, e.g. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Players take turns to say a digit or a symbol while the recorder places any correct digits or symbols in the equation. Only one space can be filled in the equation on one turn, e.g. if the equation contains two 7’s only one can be placed in the equation on a turn. The recorder is the winner if the drawing is completed or the player who gives the final digit or symbol is the winner.

Jumbled Operation

Players are shown the digits and signs from an equation in jumbled form, e.g. 1, 3, 6, 7, +, =.
For more complex equations the format of the equation could be shown to them,
e.g. Complete this operation using 1, 3, 5, 5, 6, 8 for _ _ + _ _ = _ _ (86-35=51)
Or use 0, 2, 3, 7, 7, 8, 8, 9 for _ _ _ x _ = _ _ _ _ (782 X 9 = 7,038).
Sometimes there will be several possible answers. The first to solve the equation wins.

Make 20

This is a game for a small group or the whole class can be broken into teams to play. You will need a pack of playing cards with the picture cards removed. Aces are to be 1.

Shuffle the cards and place them in a pile in the center or spread out cards face down. One player chooses three cards and shows them to the other players. Each player tries to use the numbers on the cards to create an equation that equals 20, e.g. 7+8+5=20, 2x8+4=20, 5x5-5=20, (1+3)x5=20.
For each equation that the player creates, they score one point.
Choose another 3 cards for the next round. Play as many rounds as time allows.
For a more complex version play the game using a higher number, e.g. 50 and use 5 cards for each round. Players may use all 5 numbers in their equation or some of the numbers.

Around the World

This old favorite has been used for many years, but students always love the challenge.
Players sit in a circle. (In the classroom students can remain in their seats.)
A player attempts to move all the way around the circle (or classroom) without having to sit down.
One player stands behind another player.
The caller says a fact, e.g. 3X4.
The first player of the pair to say the correct answer then stands behind the next player while the other one sits.
Play for as long as time allows or see if a student can move Around the World (around the circle or around the classroom).
Use this game to review addition, subtraction, multiplication or division facts or other math questions or skills.

Remember you can download the 5 Fun Math Games on printable cards at
I really hope that you enjoy using these games as much as I have!