Make Multiplication Facts Fun!

I am old enough to remember chanting times tables in class. Yes that's how it was done many years ago and Yes it was BORING! But it actually did help to cement these facts into my brain.

Learning multiplication facts doesn't come easily for some kids! But luckily today you don't need to have kids chant and chant in rote form.
There are lots of different ways to review facts and help kids to develop mastery of multiplication facts.

Of course my favorite ways to do this is with games. I developed my Tic Tac Toe games to help do this and I have another set of Multiplication games also.

Here are some FREEBIES that help to make multiplication fun!

Catch the Monkeys Multiplication Game

In this game, the players move around the board trying to catch the monkeys! To catch a monkey they have to answer a multiplication fact!


Tic Tac Toe

With these game boards kids are playing regular Tic Tac Toe with one difference - they have to answer a multiplication fact before they can put down a O or X.
These are my collections of board games that focus on multiplication facts!

Tic Tac Toe Multiplication Facts

This set contains 24 game boards that focus on multplication by a particular number so that kids can practice times facts for just one number, e.g. x7 and also multiplication by mixed numbers.

24 Tic Tac Toe Multiplication Game Boards


Multiplication Board Games With Monkey Friends

15 Math Board Games that get kids playing with monkeys and jungle friends while they practice times tables! 

15 Multiplication Games filled with cute monkeys and their jungle friends!
Hope these help you to make multiplication facts fun for the kids!

Math on Pinterest

If you are a Pinterest fan (or Pinterest addict like me :) ) you'll love these math boards that give grade by grade resources, blogs and ideas!

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Hope these boards help you find lots of useful math goodies!
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When's My Birthday? Game

Here is a great game that can be played at the start of the school year or anytime you choose. I
I was inspired by the Higher or Lower number game where students try to guess the 'chosen number' and are given clues of 'higher' or 'lower'. I love this number game for developing number sense.

The 'When's my birthday?' game can be played in the same way and it's perfect for reviewing order of months in the year.

A student asks 'When's my birthday?' then the others try to guess the date. The student can respond with 'before' or 'after'.

As the birthday dates are revealed - students names and dates can be added to the birthday charts.
This also leads into creating a birthday graph.

It is a simple, fun game that is easy to prepare but effective at developing a sense of the calendar year.
I have added it to my Back to School Math About Me collection which now has 11 math activities for the start of the school year. It also includes the 12 birthday posters for adding students names and birth dates and a template for creating a birthday graph.

Back to School Math About Me is available at -

Those of you who have already ordered and downloaded can download again to get the new activities.

 Hope you have fun using the When's My Birthday? Game in your classroom!

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Back to School Math

As you get to know your new class, you want your first math lessons to be interesting and engaging! One great way to do this is to make the math all about them!
Here is a great activity that is based on their names. I love the Name Values activity as not only is it about their names (and they always seem to love playing around with their names) but it also gets them adding and estimating. The best thing about this activity though is that you can challenge them and add an element of problem solving! Here is how it works.

Name Values

Start by writing the alphabet on the board. Then under each letter add a value - the easiest way to do this is to put 1 under a, 2 under b, 3 under c and so on!

When each letter has a value ask students the following questions.

What is the value of your name?
What is the value of a classmate's name?
Whose name in the class has the highest value?
Whose name has the lowest value?

And you can get even more challenging by asking them questions such as these.
Whose name has a value of  between 20 and 25?
Whose name has a value of 30 or whose name value is closest to 30? 


This is a really simple activity to prepare yourself or this sheet with the Name Values activity is available in my Back to School Math About Me collection.
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Hope this helps with your Back to School Math!

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