When's My Birthday? Game

Here is a great game that can be played at the start of the school year or anytime you choose. I
I was inspired by the Higher or Lower number game where students try to guess the 'chosen number' and are given clues of 'higher' or 'lower'. I love this number game for developing number sense.

The 'When's my birthday?' game can be played in the same way and it's perfect for reviewing order of months in the year.

A student asks 'When's my birthday?' then the others try to guess the date. The student can respond with 'before' or 'after'.

As the birthday dates are revealed - students names and dates can be added to the birthday charts.
This also leads into creating a birthday graph.

It is a simple, fun game that is easy to prepare but effective at developing a sense of the calendar year.
I have added it to my Back to School Math About Me collection which now has 11 math activities for the start of the school year. It also includes the 12 birthday posters for adding students names and birth dates and a template for creating a birthday graph.

Back to School Math About Me is available at -

Those of you who have already ordered and downloaded can download again to get the new activities.

 Hope you have fun using the When's My Birthday? Game in your classroom!


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