Flip Math Cards Freebies

The kids will flip over these new math cards. Literally! Yes these are self correcting cards that have them flip the card over to check their answers.
These cards are great practice and great fun! The children use a clothespin to pick the facts that add or subtract to the number on the card. Then they flip the card over to see if they have chosen all of the facts correctly! These self correcting cards are highly engaging and motivating!
The Addition and Subtraction Set contains 4 cards.
To make the cards you simply-
cut around the edge,
fold in half
and glue.
Of course you can laminate them if you like.
You can download these cards at

There are also more cards that have the children pick the multiples of 7 or 4 and pick the facts that have an answer of 6 or 8.
You can download the Division and Multiples freebie at

If you want more cards then check out these sets, also available at Teachers Pay Teachers.
16 Self Correcting Addition Cards

10 Self Correcting Subtraction Cards

11 Self Correcting Multiples Cards

12 Self Correcting Division Cards
Hope the kids enjoy these cards!