New Year Math Games Freebie

It is always exciting moving into a new year and I am particularly excited about moving into 2013 as 13 is my favorite number!

So... to celebrate the start of 2013 I thought the kids might enjoy some math games based on 2013.

There are 3 math board games in this set.

Happy New Year 2013 challenges the players to find combinations of 3 numbers that add to 20 or 2 numbers that add to 13!

Happy New Year 2013 Odds and Evens Addition Game has the players racing around the board adding 2 numbers and identifying them as odd or even. The first to reach the snowman is the winner!
Happy New Year 2013 Odds and Evens Multiplication Game is played in a similar way but the players multiply 2 numbers and then identify them as odd or even.
If you are looking for fun math to start the new year, these may be just what you need! Download them now for free at
Hope the kids enjoy these!

12 Sets of Math Games $12

I can't believe that in the busy lead up to Christmas I had forgotten to post about my special 12.12.12 offer.

I knew I had to do something special for this special date so I bundled together 12 sets of printable math games and decided to offer them for only $12 and to run the sale for 12 days.

So it is 12 sets for $12 for 12 days - my special way to celebrate 12.12.12.

There are over 150 printable math board games included in this set. They practice basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills.

You will get all of these collections.



If you want kids to master their basic facts, then this is just what you need - over 150 math board games that review basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Christmas Fun Freebies

I have created some Christmas Freebies for math and also a Christmas Word Game!
Hope you like them!




Christmas Fun For Kids!

If you would like some fun, Christmas activities for kids, you might find this helpful.

I have created a page of Christmas activities at my Kids Christmas Activities site.
The list includes links to
- Christmas math freebies
- Christmas word game
- Links to the Winter Holidays Tips and Freebies Ebooks from TpT
- Christmas craft idea
and more fun Christmas ideas!

12.12.12 Math Games for You!

I have put together a few math games to celebrate this special date - 12.12.12! Hope you and the kids enjoy this FREEBIE!

There is one math board game and 2 print and play game sheets.
Download now from

Math for Your Grade

Remember to save on TpT Monday and Tuesday 26 and 27 November.

Looking for math for your grade?
Make sure you check out these pinterest boards for year by year math. Just click on the image to go to the math board.


Brain Teasers and Big Savings!

Two exciting things happening that I want to tell you about!

Firstly - this Monday 26 and Tuesday 27, you can get 28% off everything in my TpT store.
I have everything discounted by 20% and you will get another discount if you
use the promo code CTM12 .


Secondly - I am so excited to announce that I have finally completed my third set of math brain teasers.
This set is even more challenging than the others! It's ideal for fourth grade, fifth grade or sixth grade and is also a great extentsion for advanced students in younger grades. Here are a few of the brain teasers - all ready for you to 'tease their brains'.

These brain teasers all come in 2 handy sizes -
Large card size is 2 to a page
and Mini card size is 6 to a page - which makes a great worksheet also!


Turkey Time!

Many of you will be thinking turkeys soon!
That's why I have created lots of turkey themed fun math!

Here's the Free Turkey Math Game - Turkey Race
Download now at
There's Thanksgiving Math Games, Puzzles and Brain Teasers.
Available now at
And I have some multiplication and division games at
Hope these help make Thanksgiving fun for the kids!