NO PREP Math Games Freebies

I love simple print and play games.
Yes they are easy for the teacher to prepare but with the right games they will also be fun and effective at teaching or reviewing math skills.
That's why I have created a new collection of Addition and Subtraction Games.
You just print these out and hand them out.
All the kids will need is a few pencils and maybe a few dice.
Her are a few of the Freebie games.

In this game, the players hunt for 2 or 3 numbers that add to 15. The last player to color a pair or trio is the winner. I like this game because as there are fewer and fewer numbers left the children have to really think about the possible combinations that are left.

Download these subtraction games at
This one is a subtraction game where children roll two dice and then subtract the total from 12. They color the answer on the board and try to make a row of 4. In this game while they review subtraction from 12 they also use strategy as they try to block their opponent from creating the row of 4.

More NO PREP Math Games

If you want more of these I have a collection of 25 Addition Games and another collection of 26 Subtraction Games.
Addition Games NO PREP Pairs and Trios
25 Print and Play Math Games

Subtraction Games NO Prep Find the Difference
26 Print and Play Math Games

Valentine's Day Literacy Freebies

Valentine's Day is a great time for helping kids to fall in LOVE with words.
I have created these Valentine's Literacy Puzzles for you to use with the kids.
These are two word puzzles that use Valentine's Day related words.
Download the Valentine's Day Literacy Puzzle Freebie at my TpT store.

Looking for more Valentine's Day Fun

including Valentine's Day Literacy Puzzles and Valentine's Day Literacy Games - have a look at these -
A Valentine's Day Word Search where the left over letters form the answers for the riddle.
A Valentine's Day game for two players - roll the dice and rhyme!
Players take turns to spell words with the letters on the board.
These games and puzzles and lots more are available in
Hope you enjoy PUZZLING the kids! :)
Happy Valentine's Day!

Counting Puzzles with Popsicle Sticks

These counting puzzles are so simple to make but great for getting children to think about counting patterns. Write numbers on the popsicle sticks and the puzzle is ready.

Valentine's Day Math Freebies

Here is just the thing to get the kids to LOVE math!

These Valentine's Day Math Games and Valentine's Day math Puzzles will engage the children and make them think!
You see I love games and activities that make kids think!
I have two different Valentine's Math Games Freebies.
Photos of these Valentine's Day Math Games are below.
You can download these games from my TpT store.

In this game the players roll 2 dice, add them together and then add 9 more.
It is a math 'Bump' game. If you haven't tried the bump game format with the kids yet, you really should. They LOVE it!

In this game, children roll 2 dice add the numbers together and then multiply by 5.
I also have more Valentine's Day math in these two sets.

And there is loads more Valentine's Day Math in my
This set has Valentine's Day Math Board Games, Valentine's Day Math Puzzles and Valentine's Day Math Brain Teasers.
Here are just a few of the pages in this set.


Hope this gives lots of Valentine's Day Math for the kids to LOVE!
Happy Valentine's Day!