More NO PREP Math Games Freebies

Yay! I have finally completed my set of No Prep Math Games with the division games and multiplication games now ready!
Remember - all you need to play these games is pencils and maybe dice.
Many teachers have been using the No Prep Games for homework and they are also great for math centers and fast finishers.
This is the Multiplication Freebie set.
In this game players roll 2 dice and add then multiply by 7. Next color the answer. First to make a line of 4 is the winner.

Here is one that will really make them think - the players have to find a line of 3 numbers that will make a multiplication equation.
This is the division No Prep set.

For this game, the players take turns at coloring a division equation and the answer. They are competing to make the longest line in their color around the outside of the board.

Another division game - the players have to find a line of three numbers that will create a division equation. (How cute are those birds!)
Hope you like these new games. For more games see the complete sets of
Here are a few of the multiplication games! This set contains 26 Print and Play games to review multiplication by 2-12.



 Here are some of the division games! This set contains 25 Print and Play games to review division  by 2-12.


(The bird with the worm graphics has to be one of my favorites! So cute!)
For Addition and Subtraction NO PREP Games see