Thanksgiving Math Games

Keep the kids busy with fun, engaging math games in the lead up to Thanksgiving! This is math that they will enjoy!
Here are a few of the games from Thanksgiving Math Games First Grade.          









Phonics Puzzle with Popsicle Sticks

Here is a really simple puzzle that I made to get kids reading and rhyming with basic CVC words!
This puzzle is easy to make and easy for kids to use. To make the puzzle write 'Start here' on the left end of a stick and add a word on the right end. Continue building the puzzle adding more sticks under the first. You will need to add a rhyming word and a new word on each stick.
Once it is done give it to the kids to put together!
This is a great way to get kids reading CVC words and rhyming CVC words!
Simple to make, easy to use and fun too! That has to be a winner!

Thanksgiving Freebies

Looking for some fun but also worthwhile Thanksgiving activities?

These Thanksgiving printables  for math and Thanksgiving word puzzles will keep kids busy and engaged while challenging their math skills and word skills.   
Here are 2 Thanksgiving Math Bump Games -  one is a subtraction game and one is a multiplication game.  
In the Turkey Math Game Freebie, the players race to corn while comparing either 2 digit numbers or 3 digit numbers.

This Thanksgiving Literacy Puzzles Freebie has two printable Thanksgiving puzzles - Hidden Thanksgiving Riddles and Cornucopia Word Builder.
I hope the kids enjoy these Thanksgiving games and puzzles. If you want more make sure you check out these Thanksgiving Math and Literacy collections.