New Year Math Freebies, Ideas and More!

Welcoming the start of 2016 is a great time to play around with numbers!
So today I really want to share these New Year math ideas with you!
- A great New Year Number of the Day Idea
- My new 2016 New Year Number of the Day Sheets and Posters!
- A New Year Math Dice Game
- and My updated New Year Math Games Freebie

2016 New Year Number of the Day

A great math activity to start the 2016 New Year is to make 2016 the Number of the Day.
I did this last year and it worked a treat! So of course I had to share it this year!
You can make your own and select the skills that suit the abilities of your kids
or you can use the ready made posters or worksheets that I have created for the new 2016 year.

2016 New Year Number of the Day Sheets and Posters

I have created 2 versions of the 2016 Number of the Day - a basic version and a more complex advanced version.
Each is in black and white to be used as a worksheet and also color which can be used as a poster or projected onto your smartboard.

I know that you will want to use these again next year so I have added versions for 2017-2020 and also a blank version so that you can add any year that you like!

These are available from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store at

New Year Dice Game

My favorite math games are ones that are really simple to prepare, simple to learn and simple to play.
This game is ideal for the New Year and can be set up in a second! :)
To play the 2016 dice game you will need to write 20 and 16 twice on a sheet of paper like the one below.
There are 2 versions of the game.
Basic game - Players take turns to roll 5 dice and add the numbers. If they add to 20, the player covers 20 or crosses it out. If they add to 16, the player covers or crosses out 16. The first player to cover both is the winner.  
Advanced game - If you really want them to think, then have each player roll 3 dice. They then have to create an equation using the 3 dice to make 20 or 16. For example, if a player rolls 1, 3 and 4, they could make (1+3)x4 to make 16. They then cover or cross out the 16. First player to cover both 20 and 16 is the winner.
So simple but great math practice! :)

New Year Math Games Freebie

If you want more math games, then I have updated my New Year Math Board Game Freebie for 2016! There are 3 math board games and a print and play game sheet.
You can download it now at


Well I hope that gives you a few ideas for New Year Math!
Till next time,
Wishing you and the kids,
a Happy and Prosperous 2016!  

Christmas Math Fun FREEBIE - Limited Time

Just a quick post today so that you don't miss out!

I have just finished my Christmas Math Friends set and I know we are getting close to the Holiday break so I have decided to give it away for free for 48 hours only!

Free for 48 Hours Only!!! 

These are soooo cute!
The kids fill in the Christmas Math Friend strip, color the Christmas character and cut out!
Download them now before it is too late -
If you want more Christmas fun for the classroom or for your kids make sure you check out these too!

These following are available in the Grade by Grade Christmas Math Games sets below!





I am Thankful for ...

I am Thankful for many things!

But today it is the children and teachers all over the world who use my games and activities, that I am most thankful for!

I really enjoy creating resources that make learning fun and my motivation and inspiration comes from the people who use my games!

To show my gratitude, I have lots of Freebies for Thanksgiving fun in the classroom!

Here are the I am thankful for ... Writing Prompt Freebies.
You can download these from my Teachers Pay Teachers store at
If you want Thanksgiving math then these Thanksgiving Bump Games my be just what you need!
A subtraction bump game and a multiplication bump game. You can find this at
Then if you want more I also have a Turkey Math Game at
In this game the players compare 2, 3 or 4 digit numbers as they race the turkeys to the corn!
I also have loads more Thanksgiving math games also in my grade by grade collections!


These games include both Thanksgiving math board games and also Thanksgiving math game sheets!
All games are No Prep print and play games! :)  
These cute Thanksgiving Math Friends also make a great display!
You can see more about them at


Halloween Math Fun!

Halloween is a great opportunity to have some fun in math while the children still do worthwhile activities!
Halloween and math make a great partnership! I doubt that there is any other theme that will motivate as much a Halloween will!
There are loads of simple games and ideas that you can use that will combine math and Halloween!
These simple Tic Tac Toe games are soooooo easy to create! You just need some plastic spiders or bats and a grid drawn on paper!
These math challenges are easy to create too! We used the poster above for 2 different activities.
1. Find as many combinations of 2 or 3 numbers that add to 31 (for October 31 of course)!
2. Find sets of 3 numbers where 2 of the numbers add to the third number!
Find as many as possible for each! Winner is the person with the most!
Our winners received a plastic spider! :)

These are our Halloween Math Place Value Friends! There are friends for 2 digit numbers to 5 digit numbers for each of the 6 characters. They come in both color and black and white for the children to color their own!
There are also lots and lots of printable games in these Halloween grade by grade collections!
You will find these at -
Here are a few -



Halloween Bump Game Freebies!
I also have some free Halloween Bump Games at -
So why not make this Halloween a Fun Math Halloween! At least this might take their minds off candy and trick or treating for a little while!!!!! :)