Halloween Math Puzzles

I love math that makes kids think!
If you include a few spiders, ghost, pumpkins or bats, that makes this kind of math perfect for Halloween.
Just wanted to share a few Halloween math puzzles that I have put together to make kids think!
Here are the counting ghosts. The children have to complete the counting sequence in the grid, but first they have to work out the order and direction of the numbers!

This is Spiders Covers. It challenges the kids to place the numbers on the board, covering a pair of numbers that total the number on the piece.
This is a Halloween Sudoku where the children have to place all of the pictures on the board without having the same picture in any row, column or diagonal.  
Batty Numbers is a number quiz.
These are available in my Halloween Math Games, Puzzles and Brain Teasers Collection!

Math Magazine With Printable Games

My new math magazine is now ready!

This edition has some great games for Halloween,
Pumpkin Math,
more popsicle stick math ideas and
Pick and Flip boards to make for identifying odd numbers, even numbers, prime numbers, composite numbers, multiples
and more!
 These are some of the pick and flip boards. The children just use a clothespin to select the numbers then flip to see if they are right!


Download the magazine here.

Halloween Literacy Freebies

Halloween is creeping up on us and the kids are getting more and more excited!
I love to give kids Halloween themed activities and I also love to give them activities that make them think!

That's why I created these Halloween word puzzles!
There are two printable Halloween word puzzles that will make them think!
The first one is a Halloween Word Search with a difference. After the children have found the Halloween words in the word search, they find the answer to the Halloween riddle by using the letters that are left in the word search.
The second Halloween word puzzle has listed the people who are coming to the Halloween party but the vowels have been left out of the words. The puzzle is to work out the names on the list.
You can download these puzzles at
Hope the kids enjoy the puzzles!
If you want more Halloween literacy puzzles then make sure you check out my Halloween Literacy Puzzles and Games at
Have a look at the Halloween Word Puzzles and Halloween Word Games that are included.





Halloween Math Freebies

Get ready for some spooky, fun math!

The kids are getting excited so you will need to keep them busy.
These Halloween math games are the ideal way to do that!

These Halloween Math Bump Games Freebies are sure to be a big hit with the kids! You see kids love Bump games and kids love Halloween. So when you combine the two the kids are sure to have heaps of fun!
Download now at

Here are some more Halloween Math Board Games Freebies!
These Catch the Ghosts Math Board Games have children race around the board catching ghosts that meet the clue on the space that they land on.
Download now at


 If you would like more Halloween math fun, make sure you check out my Halloween Math Games, Puzzles and Brain Teasers.
This collection gives you plenty of Halloween math.
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It includes Halloween math board games - just print and they are ready to play,
Halloween math puzzle sheets - just print and hand out
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