Easter Math and Easter Freebies

Easter is getting closer and many kids have chocolate on their mind! So why not take advantage of this and let them have some Easter fun during math time!

To help you and the kids celebrate Easter, I have created lots of Easter math printable! I have some Easter math freebies and there is a collection also that goes with my other holiday sets for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine's and St. Patrick's Day. This Easter set follows the same format as the others.

Easter Math Games, Puzzles and Brain Teasers has over 30 different Easter Math activities for you choose from.

There are Easter math board games, Easter math puzzle sheets and Easter math brain teasers. Have a look at what is included -

There are 7 different Easter math board games with 2 versions given in a few of these so you can choose which skills to target!

There are 7 different Easter math puzzle sheets and again some of these have 2 different versions.

Of course I had to include some Easter math brain teasers (I love using brain teasers with kids and they seem to love it too! ) These brain teasers come in a large card size and also a small card size which also makes a great worksheet!

You can learn more about it at http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Easter-Math-Games-Puzzles-and-Brain-Teasers

Easter Math Freebies

I also have a few Easter math freebies -

Easter Math Printables gives you 2 Easter math board games and a math puzzle sheet.

Easter Math Mazes had 4 Easter mazes where students work their way through the mazes using a particular operation and then counting their way through.

Hope these help to make math a lot more fun this week! 

Special Days Math Collection!

I'm celebrating!
It was really exciting to finish my Easter Math Games, Puzzles and Brain Teasers set because it was the final one in my series of 6!
I now have a math collection for St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine's Day.

2 of these have even been *Top 10 Best Sellers* on TeachersPayTeachers!

 To celebrate completing these 6 sets I have decided to bundle them together!
And to make it a really big celebration - I am offering this set for
only $12 until March 14!
These sets sell for $5 each on TeachersPayTeachers and TeachersNotebook!
Available now at
Which means that you are getting $30 worth of special days themed math for only $12.
It is actually only $2 per set with over 25 math activities in each set!

What is included in each set?

  • Each set contains at least 7 math board games
  • and at least 7 math puzzle sheets
  • and 12 math brain teasers which come in 2 different formats - card size and worksheet card size!
  • There is enough in each set for over a week of math.
  • These are perfect for math centers
  • Ideal for math homework
  • And best of all you can let the kids have fun in math while they still actually use their math skills!
  • The games and activities are designed to challenge them and make them think!
I know that teachers are busy people so these are all simple to prepare and use!
Have a look at what is contained in each set below!
This is the perfect way to get your St. Patrick's Day and Easter math ready and also get Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine's Day as a bonus!
Save today and get all 6 sets for only $12 (That's only $2 each!)
Only until Thursday March 15!

St. Patrick's Day Math Freebies

Yes we are less than a week away from that day when everything becomes green!

To help celebrate that special day I have created some St. Patrick's Day Math Collections.

I have 2 free St. Patrick's Day Math Games and  free St. Patrick's Day Math Puzzle. Here they are below -

In this St. Patrick's Day Math Game, players move around the board and race to the finish by finding the partner that makes 10 for the numbers that they land on.

This game is a bit more advanced as players roll the dice, triple the number on the dice and move to this number.

This St. Patrick's Day Math Puzzle with really get them thinking as they add the missing numbers from 1-9 so that they can make the squares surrounding each shamrock add to 17.
Hope you like these games - They can be downloaded from
Teachers Pay Teachers at
Teachers Notebook at
I also have more St. Patrick's Day Math in

St. Patrick's Day Math Games, Puzzles and Brain Teasers.

There are over 27 different St. Patrick's Day Math Activities in this set which is available at
 This set contains over 7 different St. Patrick's Day math board games. The practice a variety of math skills from counting to odd and even.

There are also 7 different St. Patrick's Day Math Puzzles!

and you will also find St. Patrick's Day math brain teasers!

I hope these give you heaps of green math fun for St. Patrick's Day!