Happy New Year Fun Math!

The New Year can be a fun way to get the kids playing around with numbers so I have created a few New Year math games to help you and the kids celebrate the start of 2015.

These math games are perfect for starting the 2015 year and will get kids thinking while they apply their math skills.

There are 4 printable math games. The first 3 are math board games and the last one is a print and play game. These games are NO PREP games that you simply print and hand out to the kids!
You can download the 4 printable New Year math games from

Here is another great math idea for the 2015 new year!
Use 2015 as the Number of the Day!
You can select number skills that suit the ability of your kids.
Hope you like the New Year Math Games and the New Year Math Number of the Day Idea!
Wishing you and the kids a prosperous 2015!
Happy New Year!

Christmas Math Fun!

Christmas is nearly here and kids are getting more and more excited.
If you would like some fun Christmas math that they can enjoy while they still learn, you will love these games that I have created.

There is a set for first grade, second grade, third grade and fourth grade.
Each set contains 14 printable games and includes 9 color math board games and 5 print and play game sheets!

These sets contains lots of fun math that focus on skills for the particular grade.
Have a look at some of the games from each set below and get ready for some math fun!




These Christmas math games are sure to be a big hit with the kids!
Wishing you and the kids a wonderful holiday season!

No Prep Christmas Math Freebies

Here is a little Christmas gift for you for you and the kids!

At this busy time of the year, some No Prep Christmas Math Games may be just what you need!
Christmas Math Games No Prep Freebies - these games are print and play games for 2 players.
Download them from


The Snowman Bump Games Freebie contains 4 math bump games - just print and play.
Download them from

The Christmas Math Freebies collection is 4 math board games for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

If you want more make sure you check out my other math collections.
   Christmas Math Games 1st Grade                  Christmas Math Games 2nd Grade  

Hope the kids enjoy these Christmas Math Freebies!