Just for Fun Freebie!

Here is a 'Just for Fun' Freebie pumpkin game. Actually, it is educational too as while they play they will develop their strategic thinking skills! Yes I love games that really make kids think and the Pumpkin Smash Game does just that!

It is a simple game to play. Just print the sheet and give it to 2 kids to play - or you can play with someone. All you need to play is a pencil. Players take turns crossing off the pumpkins according to the isntructions. The one who crosses off the last pumpkin is the loser! Simple and fun! But beware it can be quite an addictive game!
Hope you and the kids enjoy it! 

New Math Magazine for You!

My new Let's Make Math Magazine is now ready for you to download.
You can download it from my news page at my MakingMathMoreFun site!



It's a dots and dice edition! Not sure why but it just seemed to end up with lots of dots and dice in it!

You'll find
Great Math Ideas from Alison Hislop (her blog is at http://MathsWithMeaning.blogspot.com)
Roll and Write Place Value Activities
Dots Games for Fact Practice
Halloween Math Puzzles
Pumpkin Track Board Game
and more!

It is loaded with games and ideas for making math fun and printable math games and math puzzles.

Halloween math features in this edition but if you don't celebrate Halloween or use Halloween resources in your classroom, you'll find some of these still suitable as they are adaptable or contain no direct Halloween reference - just cute bats or pumpkins!

Hope you enjoy the magazine and find it useful!

Spiders Make Math Fun!

I have just completed a second collection of Spider themed math board games!

These are perfect for Halloween math into the classroom. They can also be used in a non Halloween environment as they contain no reference to Halloween, just lots of cute spiders!

The second collection is a set of multiplication and division games! These are fun, math games that kids will want to play over and over!


There are 7 math board games in this set.
2 Spider Web Game Boards
- Spider Web Three in a Row Multiply by 2
- Spider Web Three in a Row Multiply by 9

-Trap the Spider Multiples Game - Find multiples of 2-12.
-Spiders Divide - Look for a number that can be evenly divided into the number they make.
-Spider Legs Division Game - Dividing by 2-9

2 Web to Web Game Boards
-Web to Web Multiplication Maker – Multiplication by 2- 9
-Web to Web Division Maker – Division by 2-9
It is available now at TpT
and TN
Hope you like it!

The Spiders Math Games Addition and Subtraction set is also available at

Awesome Aussie Giveaway!

Brooke at Teachable Moments has been rounding up some Aussie bloggers and TpTers (TpT sellers) to give you an awesome Aussie giveaway! 13 Australians (including me) have got together to show off some of the great teaching resouces being created by Australian teachers.
I am giving away my Complete Tic Tac Toe Basic Facts Collection with over 70 Tic Tac Toe Game Boards for basic facts, and there are also loads more great prizes from 12 other great Aussie teachers!
You can find out more and enter at Teachable Moments!
Good Luck with the giveaway!

October Math to Make Them Think!

Here are some math board games that will make them think.
They are a spider theme so you can tie them in with Halloween or if Halloween isn't celebrated in your school, they can still be used as there is no direct reference to Halloween.

This game is an addition game but it does more than just practice addition facts.

2 Players take turns to roll 2 dice and add the number together. They then have to cover any 2 numbers on the game board that add to this total. Sounds easy but as the game progresses and there aren't many numbers left uncovered, they have to really start thinking.
I love games that make kids think and really apply their math skills and this game does just that!
Once they have mastered this one, they can try the more advanced version where they roll 3 dice and cover 2 or 3 numbers that add the total of the dice.
Both of these are available along with 5 other game boards in my new
Spiders Math Games Addition and Subtraction.

Available now at