October Math to Make Them Think!

Here are some math board games that will make them think.
They are a spider theme so you can tie them in with Halloween or if Halloween isn't celebrated in your school, they can still be used as there is no direct reference to Halloween.

This game is an addition game but it does more than just practice addition facts.

2 Players take turns to roll 2 dice and add the number together. They then have to cover any 2 numbers on the game board that add to this total. Sounds easy but as the game progresses and there aren't many numbers left uncovered, they have to really start thinking.
I love games that make kids think and really apply their math skills and this game does just that!
Once they have mastered this one, they can try the more advanced version where they roll 3 dice and cover 2 or 3 numbers that add the total of the dice.
Both of these are available along with 5 other game boards in my new
Spiders Math Games Addition and Subtraction.

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