12 Terrific Earth Day Freebies

There are so many wonderful resources for teachers to use in their classrooms on Earth Day!

To help you find some great Earth Day ideas I have created a list of great printable Earth Day resources that you can use in your classroom!

1. Earth Day Math Games Freebie - 2 Earth Day Math Board Games

2. Earth Day Songs - 3 Earth Day Songs to popular tunes!

3. Earth Day Recycling Sorting Game - Make a Recycling Game by All Things Kindergarten

4. Earth Day Writing Picture Prompt - Creative Writing activity by Lorrie L Birchall

5. Earth Day Puzzles - Printable Word Puzzles for kids from PlanetPals

6. Earth Day Lift-the-Flap Poem Freebie - Create a lift the flap Earth Day poem by First Class Teacher Resources

7. Stained Glass Planet Earth - Not a printable but it looks soooooo... effective!

8. Earth Day Making Words - Earth Day Word Find

9. Happy Earth Day Coloring and Activities Book - From US Environmental Protection Agency

10. Endangered Species Coloring Book - From US Environmental Protection Agency

11. Earth Day Word Ladder Puzzle - Choose your level for this puzzle

12. Earth Day Sudoku - Earth Day Picture Sudoku Puzzles

Hope these help you find some great Earth Day activities for the kids!

Earth Day Ideas

Make sure you check out this Pinterest Board for some great Earth Day activities for kids!

It includes links to
Earth Day Math
Earth Day Craft
Earth Day Charts
Earth Day Games
Earth Day Songs
and much more!
Hope it helps you find some great Earth Day Activities for the kids! 

Earth Day Math Fun

Celebrate Earth Day with these fun math games and activities!

Earth Day Math Games and More is now available with Earth Day Math Games, Earth Day Math Puzzles and Earth Day Math Brain Teasers!
There are loads of cute Earth Day Math activities to engage kids on Earth Day and in the lead up to Earth Day.
Check out some of these printable math activities for Earth Day!  

 Earth Day Math Board Games

Earth Day Math Puzzles


Earth Day Math Brain Teasers 

These are available now at Teachers Pay Teachers
and Teachers Notebook
I hope these give you lots of fun math for Earth Day! 

Free Math Magazine to Enjoy!

I now have a new math magazine ready for you download.

This time there are more multiplication strategies and printable board games to practice these strategies!

There are also 2 Addition Match and Flip Puzzles to print and make.  
Play the paper plate fractions game with paper plates or with the templates in the magazine.
To make them think there are 2 Dolphin Number Puzzle Sheets.
And lots more!
Download it now at
Lots of math fun included as usual!
Hope you and the kids enjoy the games!