12 Terrific Earth Day Freebies

There are so many wonderful resources for teachers to use in their classrooms on Earth Day!

To help you find some great Earth Day ideas I have created a list of great printable Earth Day resources that you can use in your classroom!

1. Earth Day Math Games Freebie - 2 Earth Day Math Board Games

2. Earth Day Songs - 3 Earth Day Songs to popular tunes!

3. Earth Day Recycling Sorting Game - Make a Recycling Game by All Things Kindergarten

4. Earth Day Writing Picture Prompt - Creative Writing activity by Lorrie L Birchall

5. Earth Day Puzzles - Printable Word Puzzles for kids from PlanetPals

6. Earth Day Lift-the-Flap Poem Freebie - Create a lift the flap Earth Day poem by First Class Teacher Resources

7. Stained Glass Planet Earth - Not a printable but it looks soooooo... effective!

8. Earth Day Making Words - Earth Day Word Find

9. Happy Earth Day Coloring and Activities Book - From US Environmental Protection Agency

10. Endangered Species Coloring Book - From US Environmental Protection Agency

11. Earth Day Word Ladder Puzzle - Choose your level for this puzzle

12. Earth Day Sudoku - Earth Day Picture Sudoku Puzzles

Hope these help you find some great Earth Day activities for the kids!


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