Tease Their Brains Again!

Many of you know that I love using brain teasers in math.
The kids love the challenge and are so keen as soon as the words 'brain teaser' are mentioned!
I love seeing their enthusiasm as they try hard to conquer the challenge.
Here are 2 more brains teasers that you can try with your kiddos.

You can download these from Google Docs - 

If you missed the last ones you can download them from Google Docs -
Happy Brain Teasing!!!!

Valentine's Fun Freebies

I LOVE to play games so for Valentine's Day I decided to create a few of my favourite style of game - strategy games.

These cute games are ready for you to download now. You will love how easy they are to prepare and the kids will love challenging each other with these 2 player games.

The first Valentine's game is Valentine's Take a Heart.

You can play with the heart tokens that I have included or use counters if you prefer.
To play, cover each of the circles with a counter or heart and then take turns to remove one heart or 2 adjoining hearts. The last player to remove a heart is the winner.
As you can see this is a simple game to learn but it encourages kids to think strategically so that they force their opponent to make them remove the last heart.

The second game is Valentine's Hearts.

In this game, the players put a heart token or counter on each of the black circles. The players then take turns to move the hearts or counters to the box. On their turn a player can move a heart 1, 2 or 3 spaces towards the box. The last player to put a heart into the box is the winner.
Again this game is simple to learn and prepare but it will get kids thinking as they plan how to be the last player to move a heart to the box.
Hope the kids have heaps of fun with these games!
If you want more Valentine's fun for the kids, make sure you check out my

Valentine's Math Games, Puzzles and Brain Teasers

This is now available at
There are 7 Valentines Math Board Games in this set.

 There are 7 Valentine's Math Puzzle Sheets.

 And because you'll love 'teasing their brains', there are also 12 Valentine's Math Brain Teasers in small and large format. 
For more Valentine's Fun and Games check out these  

Valentine's Word Building games and activities.

There are 2 sets - one for short vowels and one for long vowels. Each set contains 3 Valentine's game boards and 2 word building worksheets.
These are available from TeachersPayTeachers
and TeachersNotebook at

I hope you and the kids enjoy the games!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Free Math Magazine for You!

I have just completed a new edition of Let's Make Math Fun Magazine!
I love to teach math with games so this new magazine is loaded with math games!
You'll find printable games for multiplication, Valentine's Day math ideas, Bingo math ideas and lots more!
I hope you and the kids enjoy the games and activities!