Welcome to my Freebies Page!
Please enjoy these freebies from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store Games 4 Learning
On this page your will find Printable Math Games Freebies, Printable Phonics Games Freebies and also Seasonal Games and Puzzles! ENJOY!

Math Pick, Flip, Check Card Freebies 


No Prep Math Games





Snowman Math Bump Games Freebies



Math Bump Games Freebies


                              Multiplication Bump Games   and    Division Bump Games

Phonics Game CVC Freebie 


 Phonics Game Silent e Freebie


Phonics Game R Contolled Vowels Freebie ar er ir or ur

Place Value Games for 2 Digits Freebies


Place Value Games for 3 Digits Freebies


More Christmas Freebies


Valentine's Day Math


Christmas Math Games and Puzzles


Pumpkin Smash Game


Pumpkin Smash Game - Printable 2 player game sheet. Enjoy!

Math Problems and Brain Teasers Freebie


A collection of 7 Math Brain Teasers Cards

Halloween Math Board Games


 There are 2 Halloween math board games that review numbers to 20 and numbers to 100.
Available at

Phonics Board Games

These Word Change games are great for CVC and Silent e review!

CVC Sun Word Change
Silent e Word Change

Addition Tic Tac Toe and Multiplication Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe game boards to practice addition and times tables.
Kids love Tic Tac Toe and now they love these math games too!

Dinosaur Subtraction Board Game

Cute and colorful, these dinosaurs will help kids to master basic subtraction facts. Enjoy!

Build a Sandcastle Addition Board Game

Make reviewing basic addition facts fun with a sandcastle.

Catch the Monkeys Multiplication Game

Cut monkeys to help kids master basic multiplication.

Burst the Balloons Division Game

Review basic division facts.

Word Boards

Have fun using these as a board game or word building activity.


Short Vowel CVCC Word Board Game                     Short Vowel CVC Word Board  

Short Vowel CVC Fishing Board Game


Easter Freebies



  1. Thank you for all of these! I downloaded quite a few!!

    Fourth Grade Lemonade

    1. Thanks Caitlyn! Hope they are useful and hope the kids enjoy them!

  2. Thank you so much for these great downloads. They will certainly reinforce many of the skills that I am teaching.

    1. Thanks Karin! Hope the kids enjoy the games!

  3. Thanks for sharing these inspirational games. :)


  4. Hi , i just want to share a link talking about math games for kids

  5. Great games! I needed some new one's for subtraction and was so excitied to find these. Thanks so very much for sharing!:)

  6. An usefull post,thx to admin for the article

  7. An usefull post,thx to admin for the article

  8. This is great, I think I just downloaded them all! Always good to have extra activities on hand. Thank You so much!

    When I use them, I'll definitely let everyone know and send them to you!

    Thanks Bunches!
    Hannah Elizabeth

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