Domino Math Games

There are so many different ways to use dominoes in math.

Here are a few of my favorite ones.

Domino Keepers Addition

a game for 2 players (or two teams)
All of the dominoes are placed in the centre face down.
Both players pick up a domino at the same time.
Each player tells the sum of the dots on their domino, e.g. 2+4=6, 5+3=8.
The player with the highest answer keeps both dominoes. If both players have the same answer, each keeps a domino. The winner is the player or team with the most dominoes when all dominoes have been picked up.

Domino Keepers Multiplication

a game for 2 players (or two teams)
Play this game as above but instead of adding the two numbers on the domino, multiply them.
These games tick all of the boxes - the kids love them, they are simple to play and all you need is a set of dominoes!

St. Patrick's Day Math FREEBIES

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day I have created some St. Patrick's Day Math Games FREEBIES to give the kids some fun, green math especially for the day!
There are 2 print and play games and also 2 board games and a St. Patrick's Day math puzzle.
There are photos of these games below -
In this St. Patrick's Day addition game, players search for pairs or trios that add to 17.
In this game players try to be the first to make a line of four.
They roll 2 dice then take this total from 17.
Of course, green pencils are perfect for playing these games. :)
Download now at

I also have 2 Printable St. Patrick's Day Math Board Games and a St. Patrick's Day math puzzle sheet in the St. Patrick's Day Math Printable Freebies.

 Want More St. Patrick's Day Math?


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7 Printable St. Patrick's Day Math Puzzles
12 Printable St. Patrick's Day Math Brain Teasers in large card size and worksheet size!
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 Happy St. Patrick's Day!