Summer Writing Prompts

Keep them writing at the end of the school year or during summer with these fun, inspiring writing prompts.
Looking for an End of Year Writing activity? 
These are also ideal for an End of Year Writing task! 

You can use these prompts from the image below or download a pdf of this file from 
 For more great Summer writing ideas make sure you check out the Summer Writing Quilt. Not only does it have some great summer writing ideas but you will also get a great summer quilt display!

The Summer Writing Quilt is available at 

There are 7 different printable writing prompts and each one comes in 2 different formats. When the writing activity is done, the children color the quilt squares and these can be displayed to show their writing making a great summer quilt display! 

These are a few of the Summer writing prompts quilt printables.

Hope this give the kids plenty to write about!