Easter Math Games NO PREP

Don't you love easy NO PREP resources that you simply print and give to the kids.
These new Easter Games are designed as print and play games.

With a cute Easter theme, they focus on basic addition and subtraction facts but are designed to really make kids think!
In this game players hunt for pairs that add to 13 or 14. The last player to find a pair is the winner.
In this game, players try to make a line of 4. They roll the dice, add the numbers together and then take the total from 13.
All that you need for these games are colored pencils and dice. They really are NO PREP games!
There are 10 games in this set - 5 for addition and 5 for subtraction.
These Easter math games are now available at -

These games are a great way to review addition and subtraction facts and the kids love playing the games with a friend.
Learn more about these games at Easter Math Games NO PREP .
Happy Easter Everyone!   

Easter Literacy Freebies

Easter is almost here and I have some Easter word puzzle freebies that will let the kids play around with Easter words and have some fun while still doing something worthwhile and educational!

Easter Word Puzzles FREEBIE !
These Easter word puzzles can be printed in color or in black and white.
In this one, children are given the Easter word with the first and last letters removed. They have to work out the word and add the missing letters.

In this Easter word puzzle, children have to work out the Easter word that has been written in circle. The tricky part is not knowing where the word starts or ends.
Download these now at
Hope the kids have heaps of fun with these.
I also have lots more Easter Word Puzzles and some Easter Word Games at
This set is loaded with Easter Word Puzzles and Easter Word Games.
This Easter Word Search is different. The children are rewarded with a riddle after they have found all of the Easter words.

This is a game where players match the contraction to the two words that make the contraction. The player who makes the longest line in their color is the winner.

In this Easter Word Game, the players take turns to spell words using the letters on the board. Off course it becomes much harder as there are fewer and fewer letters left uncovered.
Here is another of the board games. Players take turns to move around the board and read the word. If it is a real word they have another turn. If it isn't they stay where they are.

Another Easter Word Puzzle where children have to work out the word from the letters they are given.

Just a few of the puzzles and games in the Easter Literacy Puzzles and Games set.
Available now at
Happy Easter Everyone! 

Word Ladders - Great Literacy Game!

I love using games in the classroom and this is one that is easy to prepare, easy to learn and great for making kids think about spelling and letter patterns.

The game is word ladders and all you need to play is a whiteboard or somewhere for children to make a list of words.  
Word Ladders can be a game for 2 players or 2 teams or it can be a challenge to give individuals.
Start with a simple 3 or 4 letter word and players take turns to change only one letter to make a new word.
A word can't be repeated in a game. The game ends when a player can't make another word.
This game can also be played by the whole class with the class divided into 2 teams.

A great challenge for individuals is to give them a start word and ask them to make a word ladder that is as long as possible in a given time. Children can compete to see who can make the longest word ladder.

Here are some words that you might use to start the word ladder.
Easy game - cat, pet, pig, hot, bug.
Getting harder - time, name, line, rose.
More challenging - meet, moon, band.
This game is similar to the Word Change games in 2 of my phonics games collections.

In the Word Change games in this set, the players take turns to place a letter card over a letter on the board. Great game to make them really think!
There are also some CVC Word Change games in

Hope the kids enjoy playing the Word Ladders Game! 

Easter Math Freebies Happy Easter!

The big bunny is coming! :)

If you want some fun math with an Easter theme, you are going to love these Easter math freebies!
Easter Math Printables Freebie gives you 2 Easter math board games and also an Easter math puzzle sheet.

The Easter Math Mazes Freebie gives you 4 Easter mazes for the kids to work their way through. There is one for each of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Download it now at Easter Math Mazes Freebie.
And if you want more Easter math there is plenty available in
Here are a few of the Easter math activities in this collection.



This collection of Easter math board games, Easter math puzzles and Easter math brain teasers gives you over 30 different Easter math activities!
Enjoy the Easter Math!