Spiders Make Math Fun!

I have just completed a second collection of Spider themed math board games!

These are perfect for Halloween math into the classroom. They can also be used in a non Halloween environment as they contain no reference to Halloween, just lots of cute spiders!

The second collection is a set of multiplication and division games! These are fun, math games that kids will want to play over and over!


There are 7 math board games in this set.
2 Spider Web Game Boards
- Spider Web Three in a Row Multiply by 2
- Spider Web Three in a Row Multiply by 9

-Trap the Spider Multiples Game - Find multiples of 2-12.
-Spiders Divide - Look for a number that can be evenly divided into the number they make.
-Spider Legs Division Game - Dividing by 2-9

2 Web to Web Game Boards
-Web to Web Multiplication Maker – Multiplication by 2- 9
-Web to Web Division Maker – Division by 2-9
It is available now at TpT
and TN
Hope you like it!

The Spiders Math Games Addition and Subtraction set is also available at


  1. I cannot stress enough the importance of regular math facts practice. I still see students making mistakes in larger problems due to inaccuracy with their basic facts. Please work with your child daily on his/her basic facts. This can include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Practice can be done orally, on the computer, or by writing out problems.

    Multiplication games

    1. Couldn't agree more! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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