St. Patrick's Day Math Freebies

Yes we are less than a week away from that day when everything becomes green!

To help celebrate that special day I have created some St. Patrick's Day Math Collections.

I have 2 free St. Patrick's Day Math Games and  free St. Patrick's Day Math Puzzle. Here they are below -

In this St. Patrick's Day Math Game, players move around the board and race to the finish by finding the partner that makes 10 for the numbers that they land on.

This game is a bit more advanced as players roll the dice, triple the number on the dice and move to this number.

This St. Patrick's Day Math Puzzle with really get them thinking as they add the missing numbers from 1-9 so that they can make the squares surrounding each shamrock add to 17.
Hope you like these games - They can be downloaded from
Teachers Pay Teachers at
Teachers Notebook at
I also have more St. Patrick's Day Math in

St. Patrick's Day Math Games, Puzzles and Brain Teasers.

There are over 27 different St. Patrick's Day Math Activities in this set which is available at
 This set contains over 7 different St. Patrick's Day math board games. The practice a variety of math skills from counting to odd and even.

There are also 7 different St. Patrick's Day Math Puzzles!

and you will also find St. Patrick's Day math brain teasers!

I hope these give you heaps of green math fun for St. Patrick's Day! 

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