Halloween Math Fun!

Halloween is a great opportunity to have some fun in math while the children still do worthwhile activities!
Halloween and math make a great partnership! I doubt that there is any other theme that will motivate as much a Halloween will!
There are loads of simple games and ideas that you can use that will combine math and Halloween!
These simple Tic Tac Toe games are soooooo easy to create! You just need some plastic spiders or bats and a grid drawn on paper!
These math challenges are easy to create too! We used the poster above for 2 different activities.
1. Find as many combinations of 2 or 3 numbers that add to 31 (for October 31 of course)!
2. Find sets of 3 numbers where 2 of the numbers add to the third number!
Find as many as possible for each! Winner is the person with the most!
Our winners received a plastic spider! :)

These are our Halloween Math Place Value Friends! There are friends for 2 digit numbers to 5 digit numbers for each of the 6 characters. They come in both color and black and white for the children to color their own!
There are also lots and lots of printable games in these Halloween grade by grade collections!
You will find these at -
Here are a few -



Halloween Bump Game Freebies!
I also have some free Halloween Bump Games at -
So why not make this Halloween a Fun Math Halloween! At least this might take their minds off candy and trick or treating for a little while!!!!! :)



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