NO PREP Math Games Freebies

I love simple print and play games.
Yes they are easy for the teacher to prepare but with the right games they will also be fun and effective at teaching or reviewing math skills.
That's why I have created a new collection of Addition and Subtraction Games.
You just print these out and hand them out.
All the kids will need is a few pencils and maybe a few dice.
Her are a few of the Freebie games.

In this game, the players hunt for 2 or 3 numbers that add to 15. The last player to color a pair or trio is the winner. I like this game because as there are fewer and fewer numbers left the children have to really think about the possible combinations that are left.

Download these subtraction games at
This one is a subtraction game where children roll two dice and then subtract the total from 12. They color the answer on the board and try to make a row of 4. In this game while they review subtraction from 12 they also use strategy as they try to block their opponent from creating the row of 4.

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