Brain Teasers and Big Savings!

Two exciting things happening that I want to tell you about!

Firstly - this Monday 26 and Tuesday 27, you can get 28% off everything in my TpT store.
I have everything discounted by 20% and you will get another discount if you
use the promo code CTM12 .


Secondly - I am so excited to announce that I have finally completed my third set of math brain teasers.
This set is even more challenging than the others! It's ideal for fourth grade, fifth grade or sixth grade and is also a great extentsion for advanced students in younger grades. Here are a few of the brain teasers - all ready for you to 'tease their brains'.

These brain teasers all come in 2 handy sizes -
Large card size is 2 to a page
and Mini card size is 6 to a page - which makes a great worksheet also!



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