Super Start of the School Year Sale

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I love creating resources for school and I love sharing them with others!

TPT is on sale this Sunday and Monday! I am in the HUGE SALE so, ALL of my TPT products will be 20% off BUT 28% off with the code BTS12.

That means you can get my Brand New Math Problems and Math Brain Teasers Set B for only $3.60 next Sunday or Monday! It contains 66 Brain Teaser Cards in 2 different formats! Just remember to use the code BTS12.  

On August 12 and August 13, ALL of these FABULOUS shops will be on sale *PLUS* you will receive an EXTRA 10% off when you use code BTS12.

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  1. I just found your blog through the Seller's Forum and I am so glad I did! Can't wait to see what you come up with this year!
    Drop by anytime :)

    Creekside Teacher Tales

    1. Thanks for dropping by! I am off to check out your blog!

  2. Teresa,
    Thank you so much for donating a product for my 100 follower giveaway! I loved the math games: Ultimate-Math-Board-Games-Collection If that sounds OK with you, I’ll add you to the Rafflecopter.

    My thought is each person could get an entry for “follow _____’s blog” and the other would be “follow ____’s TPT store. Does that sound good to you?

    Do you want a pic of your blog button and/or the prize picture on the giveaway post?

    I am going to try to have it up and running by Sunday.


  3. Great the games! I am your newest follower. I am also having a TPT sale at my store at

    My Teachers Pay Teachers Sale

    Also, check out my site for giveaways, tips, sites, links, and more

    Take a Walk on the Teaching Side