What's Your Favorite Back to School Activity?

I am linking up with Jodi at FunInFirst.blogspot.com   This question made me think, but with math being a favorite area for me, I knew that that answer would be some fun math activities that would challenge the kids, make them think and let them enjoy math and while playing around with numbers.

What's My Number? Game

Students love playing the game 'What's My Number?'
First I have them fill in a sheet where they list numbers that are relevent to them - Address number, birth date, number of brothers, sister, age, last 2 digits of their phone number and even shoe size.
Once everyone has filled it in, one student says, 'My number is XX? What's my number?'
The rest of the class has to guess which number they have shared.
Is it there birth date, their shoe size or the number of pets that they have?

This is a great getting to know you game but it also serves as a challenge that make students look at how likely different numbers might suit certain criteria.

How Many Do I Have?

This is also a great challenge. I love it's simplicity but it is amazing how challenging it can be?
Can you complete each one with a sensible answer. Most children find the larger numbers the most challenging.

I have put several of my favorite back to school math activities including those above in my Back to School Math About Me collection.

 It is available now at


Hope you find these ideas useful for your Back to School Math Time!
The What's My Number Game is always a favorite with the kiddos and can be played over a week or so.

Here are 4 of my numbers - 13, 74, 6 and 7. Can you tell what my numbers are about? Here's a clue. I've included birthday, birth month, last phone digits and address number.


  1. I love these ideas. Thanks for linking up!

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