Math Games Makeover!

Finally I have finished updating my Addition Board Games and Subtraction Board Games. I love a good makeover and you will too when you see these new games. I am really excited about these as I have been wanting to do this makeover for a long time!

Of course I also have a few Freebies that are freshly updated also! :)
You will find 2 Free Addition Board Games at
In this game, players move around the board answering the addition facts and covering the answer the on the sandcastle.

This game has players find combinations of 2 or 3 numbers that add that to 15. The last player who can cover a pair or a trio is the winner.

There are also 2 free subtraction board games at https//
I have kept the dinosaur theme for these are the cute dinosaurs were very popular!
In this game, players move around the board answering the subtraction facts and covering the answer in the center.

In this game players compete to be the first player to surround a dinosaur as they subtraction from 15 and cover the answer.

My Addition Board Games with Bees, Bugs and Friends has now been updated. Instead of 12 addition board games, it now contains 27 addition board games covering a variety or basic addition skills. If you have already ordered the old versions, the good news is that you can download these for free from your TpT Purchases page!
 These Addition Board Games are now available at
Here are a few of the 27 Addition Board Games in this collection. It is perfect for reviewing basic addition skills and best of the kids will have so much fun that they won't even realize that they are doing math!



I have also done a makeover on my  Subtraction Board Games with Sea Friends which now gives you 27 Subtraction Board Games to help kids develop mastery of their basic addition skills.
These Subtraction Games are now available at .
These Subtraction Board Games all have a sea theme! Kids will love the cute sea creatures and the challenging games that will make kids think as they review their subtraction skills!





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