Thanksgiving Math Freebies!

If want some fun math for Thanksgiving, you will love these.
Here is a fun Thanksgiving Math Game - You only need counters and dice to play. It's My Turkey Math Game Freebie - Turkey Race. Children create and compare 2 or 3 digit numbers as they race their turkeys!
I also have the Pumpkin Smash Game which is perfect for Halloween or Thanksgiving.
And there is my Thanksgiving Math Bump Games Freebie. Kids love to play Bump so I know they will love these games too!
Hope this gives you lots of fun math for the kids.
If you want more make sure you check out my
Thanksgiving Math Games, Puzzles and Brain Teasers.
This contains loads of printable Thanksgiving math games, Thanksgiving math puzzles and Thanksgiving math brain teasers.
Happy Thanksgiving!



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