Back to School Board Game Freebies

It is Back to School time and that means its time to get to know each other. That's why I have created this set of printable Back to School board games.
These games give teachers and children the opportunity to get to know each other. While the children play the games, the teacher can be listening and observing their speaking skills.
These games are available from my TpT store at

There are 3 printable games in this set of Back School Board Games Freebies! You can choose the game that best suits your students or you can use all three games if you like.

This is the Getting to Know You board game. In this game players move around the board and land on pictures as they do. For each picture they refer to the key to find out what they will share with the other players. For example, if they land on a lighthouse, they tell the others somewhere they would like to live. If they land on the cake, they tell something that they can cook!

This game is called My Favorites. In this game the children move one counter to the center and back to the start again. As they do they tell the others their favourite things, e.g. favourite place to play, favourite fruit, favourite season etc. There is no winner or loser as they work as a team to get to the center and back again to the start.

The Tell Me About game has the players tell things about them like, their favourite movie, something that makes them happy, something they would like to learn etc.
This is a great game to get the kids really thinking and sharing information on a deeper level!
Download these games now at

These game are the perfect way to start the year. They are great for getting to know your students and also for establishing rules like taking turns. As the children play, the teacher can also observe how the students interact and work in a group.

Hope you and your students enjoy these Back to School Games!


  1. Thanks for the great back to school games!

  2. Great games! I can't wait to use them!

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