Multiplication Fun

This is a really simple activity for developing the concept of multiplication.
I start by having the children fold their paper into eight sections. (with a mini lesson on fractions or shapes while they do, of course)
Next they roll 2 dice. One dice tells them how many circles to draw and the other one tells them how many crosses to put in each circle. They then write a multiplication equation for the groups they have drawn.
If they aren't ready to record an equation, they can write 'groups of' instead, e.g. 3 groups of 4 is 12. 

Here is another fun multiplication activity that really makes them think.
This game sheet is from my Multiplication No Prep Games Freebie.
It has the players search for a line of 3 numbers that can be used to create a multiplication equation.
I love this game because it really makes them think and they love the challenge of being the last one to find a line of 3 numbers.
You can download it from Multiplication FREEBIE No Prep Games
The next three games are from my Multiplication No Prep Games Collection.
Pizza Find a Line is just like the game above. Players hunt for a line of 3 numbers that can be used to create a multiplication equation.
In Spaceship Multiply by 2, the players roll 2 dice, add the numbers and multiply the total by 2. They then color the answer. Play continues until one player creates a line of 4. This is great for reviewing multiplication and while they do they are also using strategic thinking to play the game!
In this game, players have to color a matching fact and answer on each turn. The winner is the person who creates the longest line of squares in their color. The great thing about this game is that if they want to block the other player they can't avoid the fact in that square. They are forced to work it out or the other player will use it!
These games and many more are available now at Multiplication Games NO PREP Longest Line .



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