Valentine's Math Fun

Yes! Love is in the air or at least it will be soon with Valentine's Day not too far away!
Many of you will know that one of my loves is math games so of course I had to make a set of fun math games and activities for Valentine's Day.
So here it is -
This set follows the same format as my Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas sets - with Math Games, Math Puzzles and Math Brain Teasers.

Here are a few of the Math Games -

Some of games come in 2 or 3 different versions so that you can target the skill level for your students.

These are a few of the Math Puzzles -  


These are some of the Math Brain Teasers.
There are 12 Brain Teaser and they come in 2 different formats - 2 Cards to a page or 6 cards to a page (which make great worksheets).

Here is a list of what is included -
It contains 7 Printable Valentine's Math Board Games
Heart Three in a Line - 3 Versions - Add 2, Multiply by 3 and Multiply by 7
Comparing Hearts - 2, 3 and 4 digit versions for comparing numbers
Valentine’s Take Away – Subtract from 14
Race to Valentine’s Day – Addition and Subtraction Game
Make a Gift Addition Game – Addition Game
February 14 - 2 Versions - Add and Subtract / Subtract and Multiply
Valentine’s Take a Heart – Strategy Game

Valentine's Day Math Puzzles
Fill in the Hearts – Addition to 20
Addition Hearts Set A – Addition to 20 and Addition to 50 versions
Valentine’s Hearts Puzzle – Addition Puzzle
Valentine’s Day Hearts Values – Calculate value of groups of hearts
Valentine’s Day February 14 – Addition Puzzle and Game
Valentine’s Day Code – Code Puzzle
Eight Hearts - Strategy Puzzle
Just print and hand out.

12 Valentine's Day Math Brain Teasers Cards
These Valentine's Math Brain Teasers Cards come in 2 different formats -
Valentine's Math Brain Teaser Cards Format – 2 to a page
Valentine's Math Brain Teaser Worksheet Format – 6 to a page
This set is now available at Teachers Pay Teachers - Valentine's Math Games, Puzzle and Brain Teasers
More great February related games can be found at
 Classroom Game Nook
Hope you like the games and Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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