Fall Writing Quilts

Fall is here so let's write about it!  
You can make this Fall Quilt Display with the Fall Writing Quilt collection.
Each child in the class makes one square and the squares can be displayed together to make a Fall Quilt. Choose from 7 different printable prompts in the Fall Writing Quilt set.



The Fall Writing Quilt is available at Teachers Pay Teachers at
Looking for more to write about?
This Fall Writing Prompts Freebie has 7 leaf shapes with fall writing prompts!
Just print them on colored paper and make a chart or print them on card and make a mobile! 
You can download the Fall Writing Prompts Freebie at Fall Writing Prompts.  


Hope these give the kids plenty to write about! :)
Till next time! 

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  1. I love the idea of making a fall quilt of their writing! What a cute display for the fall!

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