Math Bump Games

I am really excited about another makeover! This time it was my math bump games. These games have been dressed up with some new covers and new graphics. They are looking really good and are ready to be taken out!

If you would like to give them to try them out with your students I have several freebies ready for you to download now! These games give practice at basic Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. The kids get to 'play' and heaps of fun without even realizing that they are actually doing math! That has to be a real win, win for you and for them!
If you want more, I have four sets, one for each of the operations.
These make a great math center and once students know how to play, they play each of the games the same way.
They are also perfect for fast finishers.
If you want fun homework that the kids can actually enjoy, they can take the games home and play with their parents.   Subtraction Bump Games - 25 Printable Games
Multiplication Bump Games - 27 Printable Games   Multiplication Bump Games - 27 Printable Games
Hope these games help to bring some fun to math time in your classroom or for your kids!
Enjoy using the games!
Till next time!  


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