Place Value Fun

Place Value! Just when you think they have it, you ask a question in a different way and they have no idea! That's why I am always looking for new ways to consolidate place value. I love using games and I love getting the kids to represent numbers in different ways! That's why I have created some place value games and place value worksheets.
Here are some of the Freebies I have created to get kids looking at place value from different angles.
This set has 4 different worksheets - 2 for 2 digit numbers and 2 for 3 digit numbers.
You can select the numbers that the kids work on or they can create their own numbers by rolling 2 or 3 dice.

You can download this free set from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store at
I also use games for place value and have created lots of different place value games.
Here are 2 sets of my Place Value Games Freebies -
There are 2 Place Value games for 2 digit numbers in this set.
Download it at
This set has 2 Place Value Board Games for 3 digit numbers. You can download it at
If you want more games I have loads of printable games in these collections -
There are 15 different Place Value games in this set for 2 digit numbers. Some are no prep board games and some are card games.
You can learn more about it at -
This collection is for 3 digit numbers and has 15 different games including board games and card games. You can see a preview at
Well, I hope that gives you lots to keep the kids thinking and doing place value! 
Till next time!
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