Back to School Math Fun

There are loads of great math activities that are perfect for the start of the school year!
In my Back to School Math About Me collection you will find math that the kids will want to do! Here are some of the goodies in this set!


The Eliminate Number Game has students record numbers relevant to themselves. Next the teachers reads out cards with clues related to these numbers and students are eliminated if their numbers match the clues.
When's My Birthday? is a game related to students' birthdays. It is a little bit like the Higher/Lower number game but instead students try to guess when each student has their birthday. After guessing a date, the student gives the clue, before or after.
Students' birthdays can be recorded on the Birthday Charts and this information can be used to create a birthday graph.

Students can also create a Numbers About Me poster which doubles as a Number Puzzle for their classmates to solve.

This activity, We are Similar and Different is a Venn Diagram activity that requires them to compare themselves to a partner. This is a great activity to launch a discussion about differences and tolerance of differences!

All of these activities are available in Back to School Math About Me -


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