Halloween Math Fun!

Kids love Halloween and Halloween can be a great way to motivate kids in math!
That's why I have created some Halloween Math Games and Puzzles.

These are cute, colorful, fun and best of all - they're all about math.
Have a look at my new Halloween Math Games, Puzzles and Brain Teasers.

It has Halloween Math Board Games!

There are 7 Math Board Games that review number skills, addition and subtraction.

It has Halloween Math Puzzles!

There are 7 Halloween Math Puzzles Sheets!

It has Halloween Math Brain Teasers!

These 12 Halloween Brain Teaser are in 2 different formats - Large card size with 2 to a page and worksheet format with 6 to a page!
These are ready for you to just print and hand out!
Halloween + Math = Fun!
Available now from
Teachers Notebook
You will find more great fall activities at


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    1. Thanks Caitlyn,
      I did have fun making these and I think the kids will have fun with them too! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wow Teresa! These look wonderfully fun!!! Thanks so much for following me and answering my TpT forum post. I really appreciate. I'm looking forward to following you here and in your store. Amy

    Griffith’s 3rd Grade Garden

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