My Favorite Freebie

When I heard about this Linky, I knew I had to join in!
Cynthia at 2ndGradePad is hosting a My Favorite Freebie Linky Pary.

My Favorite Freebie

I had to think long and hard about this but in the end it was my Word Board that I have to admit is my favorite.


It is My Favorite Because ...

I love these cute cats for many reasons - yes they are cute but they also invite so much learning to take place. And they are also versatile.
You can use them as a board game or you can project them up on a smart board and use them to play a game - try 'What's my word?', 'Word Clue' or 'How Many Words Can You Make?'

The Story Behind It

The story behind it goes back so long ago that I really can't remember when or how I started using some version of the Word Board. I think originally I would just draw out a large chart divided into 2 or 3 parts and write letters in each part. Students were then challenged to make as many words as they possibly could.
This worked really well for students who were struggling and also for early finishers. When I joined TpT as a seller, I had the chance to dress these up with cute graphics and the board game version was born!

How Do You Use It?

To use it as a board game for 2 players, you just need a set of counters. Players take turns to make a word by joining the letters in one cat to the letters in the other. Of course each word has to be a sensible word. The player who makes the last word is the winner.
It's simple but really effective (my favorite kind of game) for reviewing basic letter patterns and CVC words with Short a.

You can download this freebie along with 4 activity idea cards at
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