Phonics Fun With Silent e

I have finally finished these! I have been working on these for some time and I now have 25 colorful, fun phonics board games for teaching silent e. Have a look at some of them here.
There are 5 Rhyme with Me Games where the players compete to be the first to rhyme with all of their words.
There are 5 Word Fishing Games. The players move around the board and get to catch a fish when they land on a picture. The one who catches the last fish is the winner. 

There are also 4 Word Change games. I love games that make kids think and this one will keep them on their toes as they try to be first to use all of their letter cards to make new words.

There are 11 Word Boards that can be used as board games or used for 8 other activities. Along with the the 11 word boards, there are also 9 activity cards with suggested uses for them.
I think my favorites are the Word Change games but the kids always have heaps of fun with the Word Boards too!
This set is now available at my TPT store.


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