Top 10 Reasons for Games in Classroom

Teaching My 3

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Here are my Top 10 Reasons for Games in My Classroom  

1. Fun for the kids and for me!
2. Engaging - kids get so motivated!
3. Learning without realizing it! The kids learn heaps but think they are just playing!
4. Great way to introduce new concepts and get kids interested.
5. Great way to review concepts instead of boring drills or worksheets!
6. Makes them think! Love games that really make kids think!
7. Easy to prepare - Some of my favorites require no preparation!
8. Great time fillers for the last 5 minutes of the day. And the kids go home happy when they finish the day with a game!
9. Teaches good sportsmanship and fairplay even if it is not a sport!
10. Develops leadership - I love letting the kids run the game and watching them develop leadership skills!


  1. Thank you so much Teresa for this award! I'm so excited! Glad you found me!

  2. I'm trying REALLY hard to include games more in my class. I can't wait to use them more!

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    1. You won't regret it Shanyn! And great to meet a fellow Queenslander here! :) Love your blog!

  3. I just nominated you for an award! Head over to to pick it up!

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